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Ministry of Education 《Concised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary》

List of Chinese-English Abbreviations

1. Chinese-English abbreviation refers to the morpheme of a word includes Chinese, English or abbreviated English sentence, in term of application, the existing Chinese word can be replaced by the abbreviation.
2. The table is arranged in alphabetical order, and the original text description and the Chinese explanation are provided.

List of Common Abbreviations

1. Abbreviation refers to the new word of abbreviated words, containing the economic effect of language expression, often used in newspaper headlines, in the professional field and in normal colloquialism.
2. The more frequently used abbreviations are included according to Mandarin phonetic sequence of the Bopomofo symbols.

Table of the Names of Countries in the World

1. After the country name sequence is divided, then according to the Mandarin phonetic sequence of Bopomofo symbols, a total of 190 countries are compiled, excluding the Republic of Mongolia and China.
2. Source: Introduction to Countries in the World and Roster of Government Heads, compiled and printed by the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (September 2001).

Commonly Used Repetitive Adjectives

1. Repetitive adjectives are composed of an adjective or a noun morpheme with overlapping modifiers, and the part of speech is an adjective.
2. The more frequently used abbreviations are included, and example sentences are shown with explanations.
3. The word is in line with the Mandarin phonetic sequence of Bopomofo symbols.

List of Commonly Used Epigraphs

1. With the drastic changes in the social structure and the increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships, the diction takes advantage of its convenience, and its application range is becoming wider and wider. This table includes the more popular and commonly used ones for reference.
2. This table is summarized into five categories: marriage, birthday, mourning, congratulation, and general dictions, and then subdivided them into occasions, objects, and scope.

Family Member Appellation Chart

This table is based on one's own identity, listing their identity relationships and various more commonly used titles one by one.